Welcome to the Melanoma Center

The Northern California Melanoma Center (NCMC) enjoys a national and international reputation for expertise in providing the best standard and investigational treatments for patients with melanoma.  Recently, there has been a sea change in the efficacy of treatments available for therapy of melanoma patients.  The NCMC has been are the forefront of making these treatments available and continues to be a leader in the fight to develop even more effective treatments.  There are especially in the area of immunotherapy, which involves using the body’s own immune system to fight Melanoma.

The strength of the NCMC lies in the Consulting Panel of physicians representing the various specialties dealing with melanoma.  These physicians meet weekly and have been working together for many years to combine their expertise in making recommendations for the care of patients with melanoma.  The Consulting Panel has expertise covering the entire range of melanoma, including early diagnosis, prevention of disease recurrence, and standard and investigational therapy of metastatic melanoma.

The Northern California Melanoma Center, located in St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco, is here to help.


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